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Can COVID-19 Affect my Alimony or Child Support Payments?

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Coronavirus has changed our lives in a number of ways. Many businesses have shut down completely or began operating at a limited capacity. As a result, many people have lost their jobs or had their hours reduced. These changes have left many people facing financial hardship. If you have lost your job and you are paying alimony and/or child support, you may be wondering if you have to continue making these payments, or if your payments can be modified.

Do I Have to Continue Making Child Custody or Alimony Payments if I Lost My Job?

Many people have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. It is important to note that even if you have lost your job, you are still required to continue making these payments unless there is a formal order or agreement from the court. But, losing your job may affect your alimony or child support payments. Modifications can be made in order to adjust the amount or frequency of payments.

Loss of Employment: Alimony and Child Support Modifications

If you go to court to determine child support and alimony modifications as a result of a loss of employment, the court will consider the following factors:

  • Has the individual been out of work for at least 90 days prior to seeking the alimony modification?
  • What was the reason for the loss of employment?
  • What has the individual done in the meantime to find a replacement position or alternative means of income?
  • Is the individual able to physically and mentally obtain and retain employment?
  • Did the individual receive and severance payment from their previous employer?

But, it is important to note that not all loss of employment will lead to a modification. For example, if you quit your job, you may not be able to change your alimony or child support payments.

How Do I Modify Alimony and Custody Payments?

If you wish to modify your alimony or child custody payments, you should reach out to a family law attorney. An attorney will work to help you make the necessary modifications.

If you have lost your job as a result of the pandemic and you are struggling to keep up with your child support or alimony payments, contact our firm to speak with an experienced family law attorney. We are here to advocate for you and walk you through all of your family law matters.

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