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If I Lost Custody of my Child, Can I Win it Back in The Future?

When a couple with children decides to get a divorce, they will have to determine the issue of custody. This can be a difficult decision to make. As a result, the decision is often left up to the discretion of the court. A New Jersey court will examine many factors.…
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How Can I Get a Restraining Order in New Jersey?

Victims of domestic violence may feel like they do not have many options or good ways to protect themselves and their families. It is important to know that there are resources and ways to get help. One important resource is a restraining order. Read not to learn more about obtaining…
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The Importance of Full Financial Disclosure in Prenuptial Agreements

Many couples decide to create a prenuptial agreement before their marriage. This ensures that their assets are protected in the event of a divorce. But, there are certain steps you must take to ensure that your prenuptial agreement is valid and can be enforced in the event of a divorce.…
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