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Appealing a Family Law Decision in New Jersey | What to Know

Getting divorced through a New Jersey court means that many of the matters of your divorce will be decided upon by a judge, and you may not always agree with the outcome. When an individual is unhappy with the final decisions that are made by a judge in their divorce…
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Consequences of Parental Alienation in New Jersey

When couples with children get divorced, things can get complicated. Unfortunately, some parents will allow their emotions to get the best of them and they may attempt to disrupt their child's relationship with the other parent. This is known as parental alienation. Parental alienation can severely impact a child and…
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What to Know About Post-Judgment Modifications in New Jersey

When you get divorced, you and your ex will have to make a number of important decisions. Some of the most important decisions you may have to make include child support, child custody, and spousal support. New Jersey courts work hard to ensure that your children are in a happy,…
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Prenuptial Agreements in New Jersey | What to Know

A prenuptial agreement is a document that declares how a couple's assets will be split in the event of separation, death, or divorce. Because of the negative connotations, many couples avoid signing prenups. In fact, a lot of couples do not even discuss the idea for fear of causing tension.…
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Determining the Value of Luxury Assets in a New Jersey Divorce

When getting divorced, you will have to determine a number of important matters. For example, your marital assets must be divided between you and your spouse. In order to do this fairly, your assets must be valued properly, but this is not always easy to do, especially when it comes…
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