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Post-Judgment Modification

Post-Judgment Modifications in Bridgewater, NJ

Once a Final Order for Divorce is submitted to the court, all parties involved are legally obligated to abide by the decisions made in the agreement. Of course, these decisions are made based on the current circumstances of the parties involved, with no one able to predict what the future has in store. When circumstances do drastically change, the parties obligated to follow the original court order may wonder what their options are as far as making modifications to the agreement. If you are interested in modifying a court order, it is important that you have strong legal representation on your side. The skilled legal team at Siragusa Law Firm has decades of experience proudly guiding clients through all post-judgment matters, including modifications and enforcements. To discuss your situation with a legal team you can trust, contact our firm today.

Can I Change My Final Order For Divorce After It Has Been Submitted?

When circumstances change significantly in one’s life, they may need to modify an existing court order to fit the new situation. Of course, these changes are often unexpected, and since they typically involve more than one party, the individual must request permission from the court before any modifications can be made. It is important to note that a modification cannot be made in the eyes of the court without meeting certain criteria. Some of the significant changes that may result in the court granting modification include the following:

  • Loss of employment
  • Serious health condition
  • A significant change in scheduling

Some of the existing court orders that may be modified include child support, child custody, spousal support, parenting time, or visitation. If you need assistance proving that your change in circumstances is unforeseen and overwhelming, be sure to contact Siragusa Law Firm to learn how we can help.

How Can I Enforce An Existing Court Order?

Another issue that arises frequently in the state of New Jersey is that people need assistance enforcing an existing court order that another party should be following, but is not. Failing to comply with a court order is in direct violation of the law and the party who is in violation should be held accountable. If you believe the other party in your divorce or family law matter is violating a court order, you may file a post-judgment motion to enforce your rights. The court can take a number of different routes to enforce the order, even going as far as to hold the individual in contempt of court. Of course, everyone’s situation is different so it is important to have strong legal guidance every step of the way.

Contact A New Jersey Post-Judgment Attorney

If you have had a court order issued and need assistance with a post-judgment enforcement or modification, it is essential to have an attorney on your side. At Siragusa Law Firm, we understand that circumstances change and life happens. We are here to help you achieve the outcome you are seeking, no matter how complex. For strong legal representation when it matters most, contact Siragusa Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.

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