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New Jersey family courts will always act in the best interests of the child. Relocation is no exception. If a court decides that the move does not serve the best interests of the child, the court may rule against the custodial parent. Every case is different and when relocation is disputed, the judge will always have the child’s interests in mind. If you are a custodial parent involved with a relocation dispute or the parent objecting to a move, you deserve quality legal services from a compassionate and effective attorney. Contact Siragusa Law Firm today to schedule a consultation with a skilled legal team.

What Factors Are Important To New Jersey Courts?

Again, it is important to note that New Jersey courts will always have the best interests of the child in mind. They will consider the impact on the child first. Courts believe that the child’s best interests are met when both parents have frequent and ongoing access to their children. To convince the court that relocation should be allowed, the moving party may have to establish that the impact on the child’s life is limited and that the move would better his or her quality of life. Courts will take a number of different factors about the child into consideration, including:

  • The bond with each parent
  • The impact of the move on the noncustodial parent
  • The impact of the move on the extended family
  • The disruption to the child’s social and academic life

New Jersey courts will also consider factors related to the parents, including:

  • The reason for the move
  • The reason the noncustodial parent opposes it
  • The impact on the quality of life for the child and parent
  • The economic, educational, and any other unforeseen implications of the move

If the court believes that the move is not being made in the best interests of the child, they will not approve the request to relocate. Regardless of whether you are the parent that wants to relocate or the parent that wishes to halt the move to protect your relationship with your child, it is important to have strong legal representation on your side. Siragusa Law Firm has decades of experience representing New Jersey parents in relocation cases, no matter their stance.

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Siragusa Law Firm understands how hard relocation may be on the family. If you are a parent facing a relocation dispute or a noncustodial parent opposing it, you should contact Siragusa Law Firm. Attorney Siragusa is ready to assess your situation, ease you through your options, and effectively represent your interests in and out of court. If possible, you may be able to mediate the issue and avoid court costs and legal fees. If you need compassion and integrity on your side as you navigate a relocation dispute, contact Siragusa Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.

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