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Siragusa Law Firm has dedicated years of experience to help clients through all facets of Social Security Disability Claims. Our firm recognizes the impact a disability has on the individual and his or her family. When the Social Security Administration denies benefits, it can be devastating. One’s livelihood is often on the line. Our firm is ready to help clients through the claims process, understand and protect the benefits they are entitled to, and appeal denied claims. We will fight for your future tirelessly because we understand what is at stake. If you need effective legal support from an effective Somerset County SSD attorney, contact Siragusa Law Firm for a consultation.

SSD Application Process

SSDI functions to support an individual when he or she becomes disabled for more than 1 year. It is also in place to support families after a person passes away who was receiving benefits through SSDI. Workers across the country pay into the system to receive support when the time comes, either when retired or when disabled. If you are injured to the point of disability, you may be wondering how to get the benefits you deserve when you need them most.

SSD Benefits

Those who are young and just joining the working world rarely consider the possibility that they could be injured to the extent of disability, having a serious impact on their future. The chances that you’ll become disabled are actually very high. About one in four workers over the age of 20 will become disabled before retirement. If you become disabled and cannot continue to work, it may be in your best interests to understand the benefits you may be entitled to.

SSD claim appeal

If you have been denied benefits, our firm is here to help. Whatever the case, your denial will most likely negatively impact your future. Because you rely on the income lost to a disability, it is imperative that you fight for what you know is right. When you receive the letter explaining why you have been denied benefits, our firm is ready to step in and fight for you.

Disability conditions

Social Security disability benefits can be the support one needs when they are not able to work because of an injury, ailment, or illness. Our firm understands that being disabled can burden your future with physical and financial obstacles. When you become disabled and your livelihood is on the line, it is important to contact an attorney that can fight for your full entitlement of benefits. To be eligible for benefits, you need to prove your disability. Knowing what constitutes “disability” is an important step.

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