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SSD Arthritis Claim

SSD Arthritis Claim Attorney in Bridgewater, NJ

Many people in the United States suffer from arthritis. Some estimates count upwards of 40 million people suffer from the pain of arthritis with 2 million or more suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, the most debilitating form. If you are disabled because of arthritis, it is important to contact an experienced lawyer who focuses on Social Security disability benefits. Thousands of people every year are turned down for disability benefits because of the varying degrees of pain. Siragusa Law Firm provides quality legal services for disabled clients in New Jersey suffering from arthritis, not able to work. If you suffer from a disability brought on by arthritis and you need an effective attorney that will fight for you, contact Siragusa Law Firm for a consultation.

What Is OASDI?

We all contribute to Social Security. The Social Security’s Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program takes a part of our earnings every pay period to prepare us for when we cannot work. The OASDI program taxes our earnings at a rate of 6.2%. Employers pay 6.2% as well, making the combined contribution 12.4%. For those who work for themselves, the OASDI tax rate is 12.4% to meet the needs of the person and supplement what would have been the employer’s contribution.

SSD Claims From Arthritis

It is difficult to prove that someone has arthritis. There is no simple test and the diagnosis itself does not meet the definition of “disabled.” Because the specific criteria is complex when proving a disability caused by arthritis, it is important to have the legal support that can help prove a disability. It is important to have convincing evidence for a disability. Our firm knows how to develop a position that supports your claim. You will need to collect evidence of doctor visits, medical tests, and their results, while detailing the symptoms and limitations of rheumatoid arthritis, including deformity, stiffness, pain, numbness, weakness, and more to establish and satisfy the disability threshold. Our firm has the experience to help you develop your position and support your claim.

Somerset County | SSD Legal Services | Arthritis

Siragusa Law Firm is an effective and experienced law firm serving New Jersey with quality legal support regarding Social Security disability insurance. If you need an effective Social Security disability claims attorney, our firm is ready to help. Siragusa Law Firm helps clients:

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Arthritis can be a debilitating disease that can deeply affect one’s life. When continuing working is not an option, a person with arthritis can rapidly find themselves in financial despair. When requesting disability benefits, it is important to have an effective attorney that can fight for your rights. Contact a firm that can protect you and help you get the support you need and deserve. Contact Siragusa Law Firm for a consultation today.

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