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Can I Be Forced to Sign a Prenuptial Agreement in New Jersey?

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Many couples know about prenuptial agreements but are hesitant to even bring them up to each other. This is because of the supposed implications of a prenuptial agreement. A prenup is a document that declares how a couple’s assets should be divided in the event that their marriage comes to an end due to separation, divorce, or death. Additionally, these agreements must be created before the couple is married. Many people avoid prenups because they feel that these agreements prepare for the end of a marriage before the marriage has even begun. However, it is important to know that a prenuptial agreement in no way indicates an unstable marriage. Instead, it simply allows both parties to enter this new chapter of their lives feeling prepared and protected. However, many people still have questions and concerns when it comes to prenups. One of the most common questions is “can I be forced to sign a prenuptial agreement?” Read on to learn more.

What can be included in a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement can address a number of different assets and situations. You and your partner can make decisions about what will happen to both your inheritances and life insurance policies. You can also make decisions about your rights to buy, sell, or otherwise manage assets, and the rights of both spouses to join or separate property during or after their marriage.

What makes a prenuptial agreement valid?

A prenuptial agreement is an important legal document, and as a result, it must be certain requirements in order to be considered valid in a court of law. These requirements include:

  • The document must be in writing
  • Both parties must provide full disclosure at the time of execution
  • The document must be notarized
  • The document must be fair and just for both parties
  • The agreement must be executed before the marriage

Can I be forced to sign a prenuptial agreement?

One of the requirements of a prenuptial agreement is that it cannot be signed under duress or coercion. This means that if you were forced to sign a prenuptial agreement, the agreement would not be considered valid. If you believe your spouse or his or her family is attempting to force you to enter into a prenuptial agreement, it is important to bring this evidence to an experienced family law attorney.

If you have any questions or concerns about prenuptial agreements in New Jersey, our firm is here to help.

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