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Does the Number of Children I Have Impact My New Jersey Child Support Payments?

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If you have gone through a divorce with an ex-spouse or broke up with your partner and you share a child, understanding how the courts will determine child support payments is critical. Many parents are unaware of how this is calculated, what factors can influence these amounts, and whether or not these numbers can change over time. Similarly, many wonder whether or not their child support payments depend on the number of children they have. If this reflects your circumstances, you’ll want to keep reading. The following blog explores answers to some of the most common questions you may have regarding these matters and why it’s imperative to contact a Somerset County child support attorney for assistance.

What Is Child Support?

When parents divorce or separate, it is still the responsibility of both parties to provide for their children. When the children primarily live with one parent, the other must contribute financially to the child’s care. As such, the non-custodial parent will make monthly payments to their ex-partner to help support their child.

What Factors Influence My Monthly Payments?

If you are ordered to pay child support, understanding how the courts determine how much you must pay is critical. It’s necessary to know the amount ordered is not an arbitrary figure but the result of careful calculations and examining the circumstances surrounding your case. Generally, the number of children you have will influence how much you pay. As such, the courts will examine the parent’s annual income and order the following:

  • 17% for one child
  • 25% for two children
  • 29% for three children
  • 31% for four children
  • 35% for more than five children

Once they have the number calculated, it will be split between you and the other parent, but the courts will consider who has primary custody of the children when dividing this percentage.

It’s also important to understand that if you have another child following your divorce, the courts can modify your original child support payment. This is because the courts believe that all your children are entitled to financial support, so the amount can be reduced to account for your new child.

Should I Connect With an Attorney?

If you are going through a divorce or welcoming another child into the world, it’s imperative to connect with an attorney to explore your legal options. Not only can they help fight to ensure that your child support payments are fair, but should you welcome a new baby into the world, they can help you petition for a modification to your original payment plan.

Enduring this process alone can be overwhelming, which is why our dedicated legal team at the Siragusa Law Firm will do everything possible to assist you during these challenging times. Connect with us today to discuss your circumstances in further detail with a member of our competent legal team.

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