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Handling Child Custody on Halloween in New Jersey

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Parents love to spend as much time as possible with their children. However, this can be difficult for parents of divorce, as they have to juggle the time they have. Certain times of the year, such as holidays, this can be even more difficult. With Halloween approaching, every parent wants to see their child in their costume and share the experience with them. If two parents are unable to agree regarding who will take the child trick-or-treating, there are ways to help work out an agreement. Continue reading below to learn more.

Tips for Sharing Custody on Halloween

When a custody agreement is made between parents, it typically includes which of them would have their children during the major holidays. This can include Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. Some holidays that may also be included may be Halloween. As the holiday falls on a weekend this year, there are ways both parents can share in the activities. While the date of Halloween itself might not be shared, the days or week leading up to it may. The following are ways parents can make the most out of this situation:

  • Share the night. It is possible for the parents to work out a plan in which they can each take their child trick-or-treating in their individual neighborhoods by splitting it up into shifts. On the other hand, it may be possible for parents to put aside their differences and spend a few hours together to take the child in one neighborhood.
  • Other Halloween events. The holiday of Halloween has become its own season over the years. It is because of this that there are often many activities or parties that take place in the weeks and days leading up to it. Parents may use this time to take their kids to a pumpkin patch, fall fair, or early trick-or-treating event.
  • Alternate years. Sometimes it is not always possible to split the night of Halloween with a former spouse. It may work for some co-parents to switch every year in order to give the other an opportunity to experience the night with their child. 
  • Adult parties. Halloween is not only a holiday for children. There are many adults who dress up and participate in their own festivities. It is important to keep in mind during this time to act accordingly and do not engage in any behavior that can be damaging to your custody agreement. 

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