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How Can You Revise A Prenuptial Agreement In New Jersey?

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Despite common misconceptions, prenuptial agreements (or prenups) can be helpful for married couples of any financial status. In some scenarios, couples might need to change the agreement that they made before their marriage. In these instances, spouses often wonder how they can legally revise a prenuptial agreement in their state. Thankfully, our highly experienced law firm is here with the answers and guidance you need! Read this blog to learn more about how to change a prenup or reach out to a Somerset County Prenuptial Agreements Attorney today for high-quality legal counseling.


Yes, New Jersey spouses have the option of revising or dismissing their prenup if both parties agree to it. Some spouses choose to create and sign a postnuptial agreement. As you might be able to guess from the name, postnups are a lot similar to prenups. The only real difference is that postnups can only be made during or after marriage while prenups can only be created before marriage. Both agreements can detail how marital assets will be handled between spouses, but postnups usually focus on how marital property would be divided between spouses in the event of divorce.


There is a wide range of reasons why a married couple might decide to alter their prenuptial agreement. Many aspects of a person’s life change once they become married. It’s not rare for a couple’s financial status to change throughout the course of a marriage. Many times, the terms of the initial prenup just aren’t relevant anymore. Overall, the most common reasons for revising an initial prenup include:

  • The couple has had children that need to be accounted for in their agreement
  • A spouse has discovered new information
  • More property needs to be added to the agreement
  • The couple wants to redistribute their marital assets


If you decide to revise your prenuptial agreement in New Jersey, you should be aware that the courts view prenup changes and postnups with a degree of scrutiny. Unfortunately, there are some cases where a spouse unlawfully coerces their partner into changing a marital agreement. This is why it’s helpful for both spouses to have their own lawyers when changing a prenup or adding a postnup. If a judge sees that both parties have legal representation, then they won’t believe any illegal coercion is taking place.

Are you considering revising your prenuptial agreement in Northern New Jersey? Are you seeking an effective family law attorney who has your best interests in mind? Look no further because Siragusa Law Firm is on your side! Contact our compassionate team today for an initial consultation.

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