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What should I know about anesthesia errors?

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When you have a surgical procedure, your medical doctor might recommend that you receive anesthesia during the surgery. The only person who should be administering anesthesia is a licensed and experienced anesthesiologist. If a mistake is made while anesthesia is being administered, you may face serious health concerns or even death. If you believe that your anesthesiologist was negligent and you are a victim of malpractice, you should consider taking legal action against the liable party.

Some of the reasons that anesthesia errors may occur can include:

Failure to assess the patient- If your anesthesiologist improperly determined how much or how little anesthesia you may need, this may result in serious complications. If you were not given enough, you may wake up in the middle of surgery. If you were given too much based on your height and weight, you may not wake up after surgery. If medical professionals failed to realize that you had an allergic reaction to the anesthesia, it may even result in death.

Poorly trained medical personnel- Anesthesiology is an incredibly complicated medical specialty. If a doctor allows someone who is still technically in training to assist them in administering anesthesia, it may be detrimental. The inexperienced doctor may make a life-threatening mistake simply because they did not yet have enough training to administer anesthesia properly.

Failure to communicate- Communication is key when it comes to performing surgery of any sort. When a team of doctors and nurses is working together on a patient, it is important that everyone is aware of specific information about the patient to have a successful surgery. If a patient is allergic to anesthesia but a doctor or nurse was unaware of this and ordered it to be administered anyway, the patient’s life may be in danger.

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