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Am I permitted to appeal a claim if I got denied?

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If you became either physically or mentally disabled and applied for Social Security disability benefits but were denied, we understand the seriousness of the matter and are here to help. We know that if you can’t work and can’t receive benefits, you may find yourself in a dire situation. Please know that you do have options. You can absolutely appeal the decision on your claim. However, whether they decide to approve your claim after the appeal is another story.

There are a few key bits of information that you will need to know if you are considering filing an appeal. First, you must make yourself aware that you have to meet certain deadlines, just like when you file any other claims. You will have to file a request to have the decision repealed within 60 days from the date in which you were initially denied. Please note that this must be done in writing.

First, a third party will review all of the information and simply reconsider. If this person denies your claim, you will proceed to request a hearing. At the hearing, you have the chance to provide the SSA with any additional information.  A judge at the hearing will speak with yourself, medical experts, and any witnesses you choose to bring forth. If you are denied by the judge at the hearing, you will have the chance to request that your case be reviewed by the Social Security Appeals Council. They can either make the decision themselves or have another judge look at it. If you are denied again, you can file a lawsuit with the federal court. This is your final opportunity to fight the denial. You will need strong legal representation to help you every step of the way.

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