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Should I hire a New Jersey divorce mediator?

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In recent years, more people have been turning to divorce mediation to ease some of the pain typically involved in the divorce process. Hiring a divorce mediator can certainly be helpful for some couples, but it’s not always ideal for every situation. If you’re preparing to file for a divorce, you’ll probably want to speak to a seasoned lawyer who’ll guide you through the process. For more information about the best route for you, continue reading or contact an experienced Divorce Attorney in Bridgewater, NJ today.

What is a divorce mediator?

A divorce mediator is a third-party professional who basically acts as the middleman between two divorcing spouses in the divorce proceedings. They are completely neutral and do not represent one spouse or the other. The goal of a divorce mediator is to lead both spouses to a reasonable agreement without unnecessary hostility. Mediators can be attorneys or other specialists that have extensive knowledge of and experience with the law. A successful mediator is trained to diffuse any tension between divorcing spouses.

What are the differences between mediation and litigation?

Litigation is the traditional route for the divorce process, and it involves both spouses hiring their own attorneys and battling each other in court. In litigation, a judge makes the final decision about the spouses’ divorce agreement, which commonly includes child custody. Many times in litigation, only one spouse can feel like they “won”. Meanwhile, mediation seeks to allow both spouses to communicate in a healthy way to reach their own agreement. In the mediation process, a mediator will typically review the divorce documents and then let the divorcing spouses discuss arrangements between themselves. Throughout discussions, the mediator only really steps in to answer legal questions and ensure the discussions remain respectful and productive. If both spouses are open to compromise, mediation can be a successful tool.

Is mediation right for me?

While mediation can be beneficial when done correctly, it’s not always ideal or even possible for some divorce situations. If one spouse refuses to enter the divorce process with an open mind and rejects compromise, mediation simply won’t work. Both spouses have to be willing to cooperate in order to find the best agreement that fits both of their needs. Litigation can be painful but necessary for some divorces. Before officially beginning the divorce process, it’s important to review your options to decide which route would be most useful for your specific situation. If you need help with your divorce, we are here for you! Contact the Siragusa Law Firm LLC for empathetic and trusted legal counseling.

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