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SSD Benefits for Mental Illnesses

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Unfortunately, mental illnesses are often viewed differently in society than physical illnesses. Mental illnesses encompass a wide range of disorders, including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, and more. Individuals suffering with a mental illness understand the devastating implications a mental illness can have on a person’s life, including,  in serious situations, making it impossible for an individual to hold a job.

Of course, not being able to work due to a mental illness can be overwhelming. When an individual can’t work, they are also going to suffer the impacts of not having financial security. The individual may want to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance to obtain benefits if they can no longer support themselves financially. This is often difficult for people suffering from a mental illness because they will be required to prove that their mental illness prevents them from working. Therefore, it is important that these individuals work with an attorney to help them prove that they meet the threshold for collecting SSD benefits. An experienced SSD attorney will be able to assess the disability claim, establish evidence that can help them prove that the person is disabled, and appeal SSD claims that have been denied. In order to document a mental illness disability, it is vital to meet with mental health professionals, have them assess the disability. This can make all the difference in whether your SSD claim is approved or denied.

If you are unable to work because of a mental illness, contact our firm today to discuss your SSD options.

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