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What Is a Temporary Order in a New Jersey Divorce?

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When you and your spouse get a divorce, you will have many considerations about how to proceed. As this can be a long process, you may find yourself facing issues that cannot wait until the final divorce order is signed. This is where temporary orders come into play. If you are unfamiliar with what these are, you’ll want to keep reading. You’ll learn how they work, how to apply for one, and how a Somerset County divorce attorney can help you from the moment you file the petition to divorce to when the final decree is signed.

What Is a Temporary Order, and How Does It Work?

When you are going through a divorce, especially one that is complex or contentious, it can take months before everything is finalized. As you’ll discover, issues like child custody and alimony cannot wait until all is said and done. As such, it’s essential to understand that you can request temporary orders to address and remedy these issues until your divorce is finalized and the terms and conditions are established. For example, if you and your spouse have children, you may not agree on how to divide parenting time during the divorce proceedings.

There are different kinds of temporary orders you can request based on your unique circumstances. For example, if you believe your spouse is neglectful or abusive toward your children, a temporary child custody order can help give you full custody of your children while the divorce is ongoing. Additionally, if you are not the primary earner, a judge may grant temporary support so your spouse can provide funds for you during this time.

How Can I Request Them?

If you want to request a temporary order because you and your spouse could not agree, the first thing you must do is file a petition. This must include a brief overview of the circumstances behind the request. Unlike other legal matters, this is often handled by the judge quickly because they understand the severity of these situations. You and your spouse will likely appear before the judge at a hearing date in which you will each speak to your stance on the temporary order.

To help your case, you should obtain records of all communications regarding the issue between you and your spouse. For example, if you cannot agree on a child custody agreement, having written proof of communications between you and your spouse can help prove you tried to work with your spouse to create a fair agreement but that they refused to cooperate.

At the Siragusa Law Firm, we understand how complex divorces can be, given the number of factors you must take into consideration. As such, we will do everything possible to assist you during these challenging times to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your unique circumstances. Reach out today to discuss the details of your case with a member of our dedicated legal team.

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