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What is the Age of Emancipation from Child Support in New Jersey?

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New Jersey has strict laws on child support, as the state believes that all children should be financially supported by both parents. To learn more about child support, reach out to our firm today to speak with our skilled family law attorneys.

When can I stop paying child support in New Jersey?

Child support is taken very seriously in New Jersey, and child support payments cannot be terminated easily. Because not every situation is the same, emancipation from financial support is considered through a variety of different factors. Some of the following can cause emancipation if:

  • The supporting parent sustained a serious injury or illness that requires medical assistance and do not have enough funds to take care of their child
  • The federal income tax laws have changed and the dependent parent cannot keep up
  • The cost of living of the supporting parent has increased and they can no longer send child support payments
  • The dependent parent recently remarried or has entered into a cohabiting relationship with another person and no longer needs child support
  • The income of the supporting parent has decreased or they have become unemployed
  • The dependent parent’s income has increased or they went from being unemployed to getting a job and receiving income

Is a child allowed to emancipate themselves?

A child may be able to petition for the court to emancipate them from child support payments if desired. It is important to note that while the child may have a long list of reasons as to why they should be emancipated, it is not always promised by the court. The court has full discretion. Furthermore, it is necessary to understand that the court has the ability to un-emancipate a minor if it is found that the child is not financially independent.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our firm today if you have questions or concerns regarding how emancipation works. Our skilled legal team is dedicated to ensuring that you and your child’s futures are protected.

How is child support determined in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, both are legally required to support their children financially. In order to decide who pays child support and how much will be paid, a court will consider the following factors:

  • Who has physical custody of the child
  • Any income, debt, and assets of each parent
  • Each parent’s earning capacity
  • Each parent’s work history
  • The child’s needs
  • The child’s age and health
  • The child’s education
  • The cost of providing for the child
  • The financial status of each parent

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