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What is the divorce process like in New Jersey?

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Divorce happens when two individuals can no longer share a life together. The decision to get a divorce can be as complex as the divorce process itself. In each state, there are several laws that govern this process. However, it is not so straightforward. This is because this time is highly charged with emotions, financial and psychological nuances, and sometimes children. Consult with a Somerset County divorce attorney to learn more about the divorce process in New Jersey and how our legal team can help you through it. Here are some of the questions you may have:

How does the divorce process work in New Jersey?

The process itself varies per couple. For a very general outline see the following:

One spouse files for divorce and is hereby referred to as the plaintiff. The spouse that is served becomes the defendant. The defendant provides an answer to the court. Alternatively, filing a no-fault divorce is an option as well. This happens when both parties agree that there are irreconcilable differences. After the divorce is filed, a case management conference may take place to address any concerns of the court. Sometimes the case is referred to an early settlement panel where recommendations on pending matters are provided. If you choose not to accept the recommendations, you may move to mediation. If mediation does not produce a resolution, you may enter into litigation. The judge will make any final decisions.

What types of issues are considered during a divorce?

You are now entering into an emotional process where you are untangling a life. The life that you built with your spouse may include a number of things. While the judge is not necessarily going to settle the dispute of who gets the fishing rods you received as a wedding gift, they will divide your marital assets. This is done through the process known as equitable distribution. Obtaining representation from a family law attorney who can effectively stand for your interests is important. Other aspects that will be addressed are spousal support, child support, and child custody if you have children together.

If you are embarking on the end of your marriage, it is important that you have quality representation. You deserve to know your options and with the help of your law firm, you can feel good knowing your best interests will be the focus of your case. Contact Siragusa Law Firm today, and schedule a consultation.

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