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What should I do if I believe there is nursing home negligence?

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There are a number of reasons that people are often hesitant about putting a loved one in a nursing home. Of course, it is always hard for a family to accept that the loved one is simply not in good enough health to be able to live by themselves anymore. One of the major hesitations is whether the loved one is going to be treated properly and adequately cared for if they are put in a nursing home. Unfortunately, we all hear horror stories about abuse that takes place in nursing homes and hope that this does not happen to our family members.

Some of the common forms of abuse or negligence that are often seen in nursing homes include physical abuse, bedsores, malnutrition, verbal abuse, dehydration, medication errors, and more. Any of these can cause a resident to become seriously injured or even result in his or her death. If you believe your loved one is being neglected or abused in a nursing home, it is important that you take action. First, you may want to try and address your concerns with nursing home management. If you do so and nothing has improved, it may be time to speak with an attorney.  If you find proof of negligence, you should take photos and videos that can be used in court. If the situation is very serious, contact law enforcement immediately.

Nursing home negligence should not be taken lightly. Families trust that nursing homes will take good care of loved ones when they need it most. If one case of abuse is found, it is likely that there are other victims as well. Contact our firm today if you believe your loved one is being neglected by nursing home staff.

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