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How can I enforce a family court order?

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When a judge in New Jersey’s family court system issues an order, the parties involved are legally obligated to follow that order. Often, the court will issue orders related to child support, spousal support, child custody, visitation, and other matters related to the family. Unfortunately, there are often situations in which one of the individuals who is required to follow the court order fails to do so and must be held accountable.

Before going to court for assistance, New Jersey often recommends that individuals try to handle a noncompliant party on their own. However, after reaching out to the noncompliant party to try and enforce an order and getting nowhere, it may be time to ask for the professional assistance of a judge. In New Jersey, when someone wishes to enforce a court order, they will be required to file a motion known as an Order Enforcing Litigant’s Rights. If the judge determines that an individual is willfully violating a court order and continues to do so, the court may impose sanctions. In fact, the party may even be held in contempt of court if they continuously fail to comply.

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