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Common Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid for Your Upcoming Case

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It is important to avoid the most common child custody mistakes to make this process easier on you. Keep reading to learn the top four most typical child custody mistakes. Do not wait to reach out to a skilled Somerset County child custody attorney for help with your upcoming case.

What are the most common child custody mistakes you should avoid?

  • Posting on Social Media: While you may be used to turning to social media to update friends and family on how life is going, you will want to make sure that you do not do this during your custody battle. It is advised that you stay off of social media completely during this time, at least until your legal proceedings are done. You should especially avoid ranting about your custody case, talking about your former spouse, and posting anything else online that could invite your co-parent and their attorney to question your character in court. Your former spouse’s attorney will have access to your social media, even if your accounts are private.
  • Ignoring Court Orders: If you dismiss standing orders that have been made by the court, you will not only be hurting your upcoming case, but it is also unlawful. You may face penalties by the law if you decide to ignore court orders. If you feel that your circumstances do not reflect your child’s best interests, you must withhold from choosing to change things on your own terms. Rather it is best if you file for an adjustment with the court.
  • Badmouthing the Other Parent: Speaking negatively about your co-parent to your child can influence your child custody arrangement, but also your relationship with your child and your child’s mental health. By speaking negatively about your co-parent when your child is nearby, you can cause them to feel confusion and shame about their feelings for their parent. It is also crucial that you do not badmouth your co-parent to your child because this can be used against you in a custody battle.
  • Not hiring a dedicated attorney: It is critical that you retain the services of an attorney who has knowledge of managing custody cases and is willing to work tirelessly to achieve an outcome that benefits both you and your child. To learn more about our firm and how we can assist you in this process, do not wait to contact us today to plan your initial consultation.

To learn more about how to best prepare for your upcoming child custody case, contact an experienced Somerset County family law attorney.

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