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How You Can Protect Your Parental Rights in New Jersey

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It is important that you keep a number of things in mind when looking to protect your parental rights in your upcoming court case. Continue reading and reach out to a skilled Somerset County family law attorney today to discuss the details of your case and your options.

How can I protect my parental rights?

  • Retain the services of an experienced attorney: It is important that you hire an experienced child custody attorney as soon as you confirm your divorce with your spouse. By speaking with an attorney before the divorce starts, you can set goals and ensure that they understand your circumstances. A skilled attorney will know your state’s child custody laws and will work to defend your parental rights if they are being infringed upon.
  • Communicate with your spouse: One of the most important steps you can take is to discuss with your former spouse about co-parenting. Consult with your spouse about how things will change once one of you has left the family home. You can also try to create a temporary arrangement for visitation during this time, which may provide a head start on settling custody issues in your upcoming case.
  • Decide on a parenting arrangement: Taking a parenting plan to the court is a beneficial way to protect your parental rights. When it comes to your parenting plan, you will determine when and how often you believe each parent should see the kids. You can also include details such as how you will communicate with your co-parent when making decisions for the family and pieces concerning transportation between visits.
  • Document all that you do for your child: Record your relationship with your child by organizing mementos such as photos you have together, things you’ve made together, and more. You may also want to verify the purchases you have made for your child, the caretaking duties you fulfill, and the activities and events you have registered them in.
  • Document interference with parental rights: It is important to document any incidents where you are denied access to your child by your co-parent. You can do this by documenting emails or text messages that establish your parental rights are being interfered with. If your co-parent has failed to attempt to maintain a relationship with your child, it is important to also gather evidence of this.

To learn more ways in which you can protect your parental rights, reach out to our skilled family law firm today to discuss your options. Our firm is on your side.

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