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If My Spouse Is Financially Irresponsible, Can I Proceed With a Divorce?

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When you and your spouse tie the knot, you may be elated for the future. After all, you feel like you found the person you will spend the rest of your life with. However, if your spouse’s spending is out of control, you may not know how to proceed. Though you’ve tried everything possible to communicate your concerns, they are unwavering in their financially irresponsible ways. After careful consideration, you have determined the only solution left is to proceed with a divorce. It’s vital to enlist the help of a Somerset County divorce attorney to guide you through this complex process. Keep reading to learn more about these circumstances.

Is a Financially Irresponsible Spouse Grounds for Divorce in New Jersey?

You may wonder if financial irresponsibility is grounds for divorce in New Jersey. It’s important to understand that New Jersey is a no-fault divorce state, meaning you do not have to file a reason for the divorce. In most instances, you can claim irreparable differences for the reason you wish to proceed with a divorce. As such, filing on this basis allows you to proceed with a divorce without pointing fingers or creating a tense situation. Instead, it shows the marriage has broken down, and there is nothing you can do to remedy the circumstances.

What Can I Do to Prepare?

If you are ready to divorce a financially irresponsible spouse, understanding what you can do to prepare your finances is crucial. Unfortunately, your spouse may take advantage of your funds during a divorce to continue spending recklessly out of desperation or anger toward you. For example, they may withdraw considerably large funds from a joint account without explaining why or rack up significant debt on a credit card after a shopping spree.

It’s important to note that you cannot hide marital assets from your spouse, even if you believe they will spend recklessly. However, you can document this behavior to provide dissipation during your divorce proceedings, which can help you receive compensation for their behavior.

Keeping records of marital and separate property is crucial during these times. Not only does this help ensure your separate funds are not being tampered with, but it also helps you understand what your financial situation will look like after your divorce is finalized.

Do I Need an Attorney to Get a Divorce?

It’s not legally required to enlist the help of an attorney when getting a divorce. However, it is in your best interest to seek representation, as this is a complex legal process. Unfortunately, trying to navigate this situation on your own can have unfavorable outcomes. As such, having an attorney to fight for you during your divorce is crucial.

When you need assistance divorcing a financially irresponsible spouse, the Siragusa Law Firm is ready to help. We understand how challenging these times can be, both emotionally and legally. As such, we are here to handle the complexities of this process so you can focus on healing from this difficult time. Contact us today to learn how we can further assist you.

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